• Hidden Treasures

    We may not be able to see our incredible local talent play live right now, but we can celebrate them here. Over the next few weeks we’ll be featuring music videos from some of the greats of past Hidden Treasures line-ups.

    Check them out in the video gallery below and stay tuned as more artists are added.

  • Hidden Treasures

    Fremantle’s Winter Music Series, watch this space!

Peter Bibby

Navy Club, Hidden Treasures 2016

Soukouss Internationale

PS Art Space, Hidden Treasures 2016


Wyola Club, Hidden Treasures 2018


Navy Club, Hidden Treasures 2016

San Cisco

Buffalo Club, Hidden Treasures 2011

Axe Girl

Buffalo Club, Hidden Treasures 2013 & 2018

Stella Donnelly

Navy Club, Hidden Treasures 2016


Navy Club, Hidden Treasures 2019

Lincoln MacKinnon

Navy Club, Hidden Treasures 2019

Noah Dillon

Wyola Club, Hidden Treasures 2019

The Stems

Richard Lane of The Stems. FTI Old Boys School, Hidden Treasures 2012

We love Hidden Treasures!

Hidden Treasures treats WA music fans to an earful of Freo balladeers, freshly-minted local bands and some favourite heroes of the Port City stage. This series of gigs offers a rare peak into some of the West End’s most evocative and tucked-away workers’ clubs and small venues, which are steeped in the tall stories and big sounds of Fremantle’s musical folklore.

Step out of the cold and into an enduring, eccentric institute or clubhouse and get to know the bands you need to see and the ones you love.

This year as we embrace our health and social distance, we share the music of our local musicians who are the heart of this festival. Step into their world for a moment and enjoy their music clips ….

Performances are staggered throughout the evening to ensure music lovers can enjoy a variety of acts.

Watch this space, we’ll be back!